The following is the contract we have for weddings wishing to be held at St. Philip’s.

January 1, 2018


Saint Philip Neri Church, 11411 S. LaCore Rd., Empire, Michigan

The following are the initial requirements in preparing for a Catholic Wedding at Saint Philip’s Church. 1 - Date and time of wedding:

2 - The fee for a wedding at Saint Philip’s Church is $ 500.00, payable to Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church.

3 - Due to some cancellations, without notification, it has become necessary to charge a $100.00, non- refundable deposit, due 7 to 10 days from the date of booking. When your deposit is received, your date and time are reserved and your marriage file has begun. The remaining $400.00 must be paid within 60 days of booking.

4 - You must provide a letter, on parish stationary, from the celebrant/deacon who will be performing your ceremony stating that he takes full responsibility for the service. Note: Our pastor has two parishes to serve and is unavailable for the ceremony.

5 - You must call to schedule rehearsal time.

6- Your parish is responsible for your marriage preparation. A. Please provide the following necessary church documents and forward them to me: a - Pre-nuptial information form b - Current baptismal records c - Documentation of Marriage preparation classes d - Any dispensations and/or annulments that may be required

7 - Send all correspondence to: Saint Philip Neri Church P.O. Box 257 Empire, MI 49630


1- Any questions, please call Saint Philip Neri Church at 231-326-5255. If no answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

2 - Decorations need to be approved by Pastor Zeljko Gubervoic.

3 - Pew capacity is about 250 persons.

PLEASE KEEP THIS FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS, DO NOT RETURN IT. The Bride & Groom have to fill out form below

Please fill out the attached form